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Benefits of Yoga

April 12 2017, 18:06pm

Posted by James Broussard

No other form of exercise gives the benefits that yoga can provide, especially not one that is loved by both men and woman, of all ages. Not only does yoga tone different parts of the body with targeted poses but it is deeply relaxing.

Yogi is not an exercise restricted to the gym like many others. Some people who travel around the can do yoga poses in their hotel room or on the beach, for example, to relax the body and get over jetlag.

If you want to lose weight or increase your strength then you are in luck. Yoga reduces levels of cortisol in your body and helps it to burn fat. Yoga benefits every different muscle in your body, strengthening them and improving your endurance.

Using the breathing exercises, called pranayamas in daily life can decrease stress. Yogis take slow, deep breaths of air, a transferable technique to everyone’s lifestyles.

For pregnant women, benefits include better flexibility and mental preparation for the birth. Some poses can be used during labour to reduce pain.

If someone has injuries, such as knee and back pains or pulled hamstrings, yoga is the sport most often prescribed during rehabilitation or to help solve the problem. I had a back pain after falling down and was advised to start practising yoga. It has certainly helped. There is something in it for everyone.

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