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The PS3 is a Multimedia Powerhouse

May 21 2017, 21:34pm

Posted by James Broussard

What makes this ps3 such a multimedia powerhouse?  

The Graphical User inter-phase that the ps3 uses is called an XrossMediaBar which is pronounced Cross Media Bar, or abbreviated XMB.  This media bar includes nine different categories which are: Users, settings, Photo, Music, Video,Game, Network, PlayStation Network, and Friends. The ps3 has the ability to store master and secondary user profiles just like your computer.  USB ports on the front of the ps3 make it compatible with USB supported keyboards,mouse, and mass storage or flash drives. It has a NetFront web browser that supports compatible file downloading.  You can perform video chat across the web through the friends menu which allows mail and emoticon and attached picture features. (PlayStation Eye or Eye toy webcam is required) You can even shop online through the PlayStation store via Network menu.

The PlayStation 3 is a multimedia powerhouse and if you are like me you want to utilize everything that your system has to offer.

When you hear of all the good things the ps3 has to offer it starts to sound like ps3 music. Speaking of music ps3 offers a variety of ways you can enjoy your favorite tunes.  You can explore your favorite photos with or without a musical slide show and you can just slide in your favorite audio Cd, DVD, Blu-ray disc, Super Audio Cd or an optional USB mass storage device to enjoy your music.  Play and copy your audio CD tracks to an optional attached storage device, play video files and movies straight from the hard disk drive or any of the optional attached storage mediums.  The PlayStation 3 might not be too cost friendly to consumers as of right now. It is however, worth every cent that you spend on it.

Fighting Over the PS3

The PlayStation 3 boasts a wide variety of third party and exclusive fighting game titles, and is the premier console on the market.  Not only does the PS3 have a huge amount of unique PS3 titles, but the expansive fighting game libraries from the PS1 and PS2 are also compatible with the PS3.  This makes the selection of titles for the PS3 system twice or three times as large as its competitors.  In addition, the PS3s controller features a classic grip, design, and button placement ideal for fighting games.

Several recent PS3 fighting games are some of the highest rated on the market, with series like Soul Calibur and Marvel vs. Capcom.  

In addition, soon to be released fighting titles like Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe promise to have amazing innovations in graphics and game play; further evidence of the PS3’s dominance as the fighting game console of choice.

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