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  • The PS3 is a Multimedia Powerhouse

    21 May 2017 ( #PS3, #gaming tips )

    What makes this ps3 such a multimedia powerhouse? The Graphical User inter-phase that the ps3 uses is called an XrossMediaBar which is pronounced Cross Media Bar, or abbreviated XMB. This media bar includes nine different categories which are: Users,...

  • Benefits of Yoga

    12 April 2017

    No other form of exercise gives the benefits that yoga can provide, especially not one that is loved by both men and woman, of all ages. Not only does yoga tone different parts of the body with targeted poses but it is deeply relaxing. Yogi is not an...

  • Is Yoga Just for Women?

    12 April 2017

    While the majority of adults currently state that they do not participate in weekly exercises activities due to a lack of time, millions of people are reaping the benefits that yoga can provide. Years ago yoga was referred to as an activity much like...

  • Kids Can Learn to Appreciate the Discipline of Yoga

    12 April 2017

    Well, think back to your own childhood… feeling overloaded with homework assignments, pressure to compete with other children in school and sports, lots of after-school obligations. While it may not compare to the pressures you have today, it can be a...